Planting orchid art coconut shell

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Mỹ Nghệ Nam Trang

Buy the most popular  Planting orchid art coconut shell in My Nghe Dua Nam Trang specializes in processing on demand and provide wholesale and retail coconut shells for many garden owners and households. The most prestigious place for growing coconut orchids is now. With the original price in the style of service, delivery time should be a lot of trust from customers.  Planting orchid art coconut shell

Còn hàng


The orchid coconut shell is made from coconut shell material, so it has high durability and can be used for a long time and is a natural material that does not heat the roots when it is sunny, helping the plant to keep the nutrients of natural flowering good for the plants of You by the natural moisturizing properties of coconut shells.

Coconut orchid dipper is a work of art for the beloved orchid garden to help the orchid players see the beautiful and extremely beautiful painting when using coconut art products. In addition, the coconut shell pot used to grow flowers is also very beautiful and delicate. with many strange beautiful designs.

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orchid art coconut shell

South Vietnam Fine Arts provides consumers with over 15,000 products per month. Take advantage of available raw materials with skilled workers who designed products of coconut shells. The product is designed in combination with delicate patterns to make orchid pots more lively with natural beauty and high artistic beauty but beautiful.

Planting orchid art coconut shell Mỹ Nghệ Dừa Nam Trang

Planting orchid art coconut shell Mỹ Nghệ Dừa Nam Trang

Item Code: GT 
Material: 100% Coconut shell 
Origin: Ben Tre - VIỆT NAM
Unit: Cai 
Specifications: R 13cm-16cm

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